Step 7: The Trigger

Probably. If something looks and feels like it might work then it wouldn't hurt to try it out.
Anything in particular? Gotta dig out the cob webs ya know?
don't worry. But is there any other wood i could use?
Could you please give a few more measurements for later steps. It would help sooooo much!
Awesome! <br> <br>thx
Do you think that the bolts would be suitable for a non-homemade crossbow? I am getting a crossbow in a few days and it would be great to not spend money on carbon or aluminum bolts when i could make simple throw aways while I am not camping. I live in an urban area and i don't have much range for target practice so i feel the aluminum bolts will start to bend and waste away since they don't have the distance to slow down before they hit a target.
how to attach the fork on the cross bow ? <br>:D
In step 8 there is a good pic of the fork attached. Basically, you dremel a notch for the curled forks to sit. Then you run a screw through the side, through the curled forks. Fork attached. Hope this helps.
This was the first project I did in my new wood shop and I love it. Thank you for the design...I think the trigger is genius!
Awesome! Any modifications/improvements/pics ?
How far does it shoot?
I'd say a max of 50 yards or so.
The fork idea is GREAT !!!<br>4 stars
Thanks! I was contemplating what to use for a trigger the whole build. Then is just hit me as I stood in the kitchen. :)
Why, did your wife throw one at you? LOL
&gt;rimshot&lt; Ha! No wife to throw forks at me. I was building in the kitchen. :D
What a great idea! the fork as a trigger is ingenious!
That' what this site is all about: &quot;Genius&quot;!
Thanks! And it actually works perfect! :)
how and where do youi put the fork on the srossbow?
So you've looked at the pics I take it? Fork position is dependent upon how far back the string will pull to firing position. That point is where you'd hook the prongs on the fork/trigger. So, if you're pulling the string back to firing position with one hand, you'll use your other hand to mark that point. From there you just put the screw hole where the trigger hinge will sit. The prongs are now set to be able to hold the string in firing position. You could vary it up or down the stock depending on how much power you want and the bow can take. It's mostly something you have to eyeball.
I was wondering, since I intend to use this for a Renaissance Festival and for LARPing, what's the poundage on it?
Could tell you. lol I've no scale that would give a rough est. Lemme check at work today and maybe we've got one. I'm curious myself. It'd probably do fine in LARPing. The tension is easily adjusted depending on string material and length. Anyway, I'll get back to you.
this is a great design! gonna make this this week
Cool. Share some pics. :)
FINALLY!!! A &quot;Crossbow&quot; that's actually a CROSSBOW&quot; and not just a cruciform shaped catapult! The fork trigger is an excellent Idea. Thanks for sharing your project.
Thanks! And you're welcomed. :)

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