Simple Wooden Shelves


Introduction: Simple Wooden Shelves

I needed a small set of shelves in my room to organize all my junk, with a few cheap brackets and a 2x8 I came up with a decent design that works for me. Thinking about writing an instructable on the entire build process.



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    please write an instructable for this. We need it. Thanks

    looks very nice, I like it a lot, WHERE did you get the metal attachments to go onto the wall, the arm bars under the wood? and what was the Price range???

    I am moving into a small room and I need a lot of space thats why I am curious, I love you idea.

    please write up how u did this l would love something like this over my computer desk for all the stuff that ends up on my desk!! pretty cool!

    Can your shelves hold books? or are they meant for light-weight things? :)

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    They definitely hold books and other large objects.