Introduction: Simple Workshop Activity Monitoring System

I made this system in 2011.

For 20 years I have been working all by myself in my workshop. Because I work on several machines at the same time, I decided to make my monitoring system .

I did this to protect myself and my machines. This way I can monitor my activity and see if and where things go wrong.

Step 1: Wiring and Components

Necessary components :

1. PC ( Used Dual Core Desktop Pc ~ $200 ) ;

2. 4 x Webcam ( I use 2M Pixel Webcam ) ( 4 x $20 = $80 );

3. 1 x USB PCI Card ( $12 );

4. 4 x 10m USB active extension cables ( 4 x $12 = $48 ) .

Step 2: Me and My System

Here I photographed the Webcam and the Webcam photographed me.

Step 3: Software

From 2011 until yesterday (2/2/2015) I used a software written by me .

From now on I'll be using this software :

I did some tests today and everything works fine .

Step 4: Example 1

Monitoring my CNC Mill.

Step 5: Example 2

Monitoring my lathe .

Step 6: Example 3

Monitoring me .

Step 7: Example 4

Monitoring me . Again .


Mindmapper1 made it! (author)2015-02-03

very interesting, I have been thinking about this as my workshop is remote from the house so i would like from a safety point of view to be able to have my partner monitor what is going on. At the moment we use two way radios which are useful.

Stefan Gales made it! (author)Stefan Gales2015-02-03

Thank you ! Maybe this can help :

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