Introduction: Simple Yogurt Parfait

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Every time I go to Starbucks or a similar shop, and don't feel like getting coffee, I always get a yogurt parfait - they're incredibly delicious, nutritious, but also completely overpriced (yes, I know everything at Starbucks is overpriced).

So, I decided to make my own. For lazy, late risers like me, this is the perfect breakfast. Its nutritious, but if you have all the ingredients, takes less that 10 minutes to make and eat. Perfect for sleeping in and still getting to work on time!

Step 1: Ingredients

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Everyone knows the ingredients in a yogurt parfait!

  • any type of yogurt
  • nuts or cereal
  • any fruit you want (usually I put berries or nuts, but the only fruit I had in my fridge at the time of making this instructable were cherries)

Step 2: Scoop Out Yogurt

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Scoop out the yogurt into a small cup/bowl that's easy to eat out of. If you're feeling really really lazy, or are running so late in the morning that you need to eat as you walk out the door, you can even skip this step and use the yogurt cup instead.

Step 3: Add Some Crunch!

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Taking a handful of nuts or cereal and spread it across the surface of the yogurt. These add important vitamins and fibre to your daily intake, and provide a delicious crunch to go with the creaminess of the yogurt.

Step 4: Top With Fruit

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I usually like to top off the parfait with blueberries or strawberries, but the wonderful thing about making food is that you can also improvise! Cherries were the only fruit in my fridge, so I added 3 of them into the parfait. Not only does adding fruit provide extra vitamins and nutrition to kickstart your day, their sweet and tart taste is a great complement to the yogurt and nuts - and great wake-me-up!


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