Introduction: Simple Zippo Tricks

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here I show you 3 tricks with a Zippo that I learned in my teens from old timers with nothing better to do. now I'm sure there are other ibles with these tricks and there are many more these are just my favorite and ones I use frequently

Step 1: The Oh Snap!

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hold the lighter with your thumb index and middle finger with the hinge towards your ring finger and pinky then SQUEEZE let the top of the lighter snap up and catch the bottom between the thumb index and middle finger. now let it drop to your palm so you can strike the wheel

Step 2: The Ring Light

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With this one you'll make a fist and put the lighter against your index and middle finger knuckles and hold with your thumb with the hinge facing away from your other fingers. Now flick your ring finger up to open the lighter and on the way back down strike the wheel. this trick can be done really fast and hold the most really world use

Step 3: Flippy Floppy Unnamed Trick

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Here's where we get fancy and a bit more challenging but don't worry it's actually pretty easy.
hold the lighter buy the cap with the hinge facing your palm and flick your wrist down to open it. now roll the lighter over the backside of your middle finger and strike the wheel with your thumb, after you strike it continue to roll the lighter into your palm with your thumb and done! this trick can be done pretty quick and looks nice to watch.
Happy Zippo tricking :-}


PaleHorseRider (author)2014-12-09

I can never get a grip with the steel; so I can never light it as soon as I open it.

smithy101 (author)PaleHorseRider2014-12-10

I always lick my fingertips and rub my shirt for a better grip

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