Simple Air Horn





Introduction: Simple Air Horn

In this instructable I will you how to make an air horn out of everyday objects.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Before you start to make this you will need

a straw

a balloon

and an empty film cannister

Step 2: Putting It Together

This is how you put it together

First you will need to punch holes in the bottom of the film can and the side see pictures 1 and 2(bottom is the side that doesn't come off also make sure the straw fits snugly into the bottom hole)

Next take your balloon and cut it so it looks like the one on the right in picture 3. Cut it in half and then cut off the bottom pat where you blow.

After that stretch it over the top of the film can without the cap put it on while the balloon is stretched over put the top back on see pictures 4 and 5.

Last put straw in bottom and move it until when you blow on it makes a noise.



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what are u in middle school

war chipmunk.jpg

nice job and it's suprisingly loud