I'm getting married shortly, and my steampunk-hinted wedding needs steampunk-hinted hairpieces.  I'm cheap and unwilling to pay David's Bridal on the order of fifty bucks for a few pieces of synthetic fabric glued to an alligator clip-- I'm more than capable of doing that myself!

For this instructable, you will need:

A swatch of chiffon or organza that matches your bridesmaids' dresses.  Make sure the fabric is synthetic
A candle
Matches with which to light said candle
a hot glue gun and glue sticks
cool metal buttons or things to be the center of the flowers.  I wandered around in the jewelry aisle of a Michael's to find mine.
clock hands -- I ordered a whole bunch of "walnut hollow" brand hands from their website.
peacock feathers
small alligator-style hair clips

Step 1: Make the Flowers

An easy and informative instructable video for making the flowers I used is here.  Watch it to get a good idea for how to make the hair flowers. 

For the bridesmaids pins, I actually only used three pieces of fabric.  Rather than cutting circle shapes according to the template in the video, I just cut the fabric into flower shapes, burn all the way around the edges, and have a simpler flower.  That's what I did for the red flowers.  For my own hairpiece, I followed the video exactly except that I didn't bother with the biggest petals--to do so would have ended up with something waaaay bigger than I wanted for a hairpiece. 

Once you've made the layers, either sew them together or hot glue them.  Once the layers are all fastened together, use the hot glue gun to fasten a button or rhinestone or whatever into the center of the flower. 

Now the flower is done; time to move on to assembling the hairpiece.

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