This instuctable will teach you how to make an impact activated airsoft grenade. Caution: In order to make this grenade you will need to be very careful, as you are handling explosives. when you are done, the contents of this saran wrap bubble will be ~30 grains of BLACK POWDER! Handle with care. 

Step 1: Supplies

This project will require the following:
1 utility knife
1 box of TNT POP-ITS(R)
Saran wrap
Airsoft BB'S
Masking tape 
2 Small Bowls(Not Necessary, But Helpful)
it looks cool does it have power
umm, this is too unstable to be used safely. ive tried this before, and they just blow up in my hand when i grab them. the grenade is powerful, but i would look into another design that makes the grenade safer to handle. in a real airsoft barrtl, you want to grab a grenade, activate it, and chuck it really fast. with this one, you would have to pick it up, and do everything nice and slow, which ruins the tactical advantage... also, what would happen if you dropped it, had to jumpflat on your stomach for cover, or had the grenade get shot? bad things.
ya know, ive used this many times in battle and never had one blow-up in my hand. i put them in a used pounce cat treat container.if you dont have anything nice to say just dont comment
i didn't say anything bad, it is just constructive criticism, based on my personal experience,
O_O Took you two years to respond man. What do you have, AOL?
i just kinda forgot about this and came upon the comment by chance.
you took my idea you queer. i thought of that a long time ago.
Pop-its arent too reliable, but they r cheap. I bought some other ones, called POP-POPs, it looks like a miniature cylindrical firework, but with no fuse. They were pretty expensive in PA, like 2$ for a box of 20 but they pop LOUD.
in MA those are called pop-snappers
 "LOUD" is not what's needed. a cheap, fairly stable, and mostly reliable over the counter AND legal explosive is all that's necessary.
Loud intimidates the person, and makes him s*** in his pants and run away. That's why people buy a humongous pistol instead of a small one, to intimidate the would-be robber.
 ... shotguns work too. one shot from my shotgun would send any robber packin.(in the air of course)
&nbsp;i put these in my M203 grenade launcher&nbsp;<br /> <br />
i bet your cat was mad