Picture of Simple and Easy Airsoft Grenade
This instuctable will teach you how to make an impact activated airsoft grenade. Caution: In order to make this grenade you will need to be very careful, as you are handling explosives. when you are done, the contents of this saran wrap bubble will be ~30 grains of BLACK POWDER! Handle with care. 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
This project will require the following:
1 utility knife
1 box of TNT POP-ITS(R)
Saran wrap
Airsoft BB'S
Masking tape 
2 Small Bowls(Not Necessary, But Helpful)

Step 2: The Making Of:

First You will need to use your utility knife to cut the saran wrap. make a piece about 3 inches long.

Now, open the pop-its and empty them carefully into one of the bowls. Unwrap the pop-its (use the knife, or you can just twist it open.) and pour the contents onto the saran wrap. DO NOT empty them into a pile, or it WILL blow up in your face! Empty them into areas of the saran wrap and carefully move the contents into a pile.

Now add about 20 bb's into the pop-it rocks.

Now you need to score the masking tape so it will make a 1 inch strip come off.(scoring is finding where the tape will start to peel and taking the knife and cutting a thin line as far as you want to make a strip come off when you peel the tape to that location.)

Carefully pick up the saran wrap and make a bag. Pinch the bag you have just made as close to the mix as possible. BE CAREFUL! IT MAY EXPLODE!
Now tape it with the masking tape strip and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Finishing the Product

Picture of Finishing the Product
now you need to cut the end off with your utility knife and make a stub about 1 centimeter high and you are done! Thanks for reading this, and make sure to comment.