Introduction: Simple and Easy Cheesecake

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Quick and Easy Cheesecake!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

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First gather up your materials, you will need the following: 12 oz of cream cheese (1.5 bars) 2 eggs 1 12 oz can of sweetened condensed milk 1 pie crust blender Optional: whipped cream

Step 2: Mix

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In your blender put the 2 eggs, 12 oz. of cream cheese, 12 oz of sweetened condensed milk. Blend until all ingredients are mixed together.

Step 3: Pour

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After you are done mixing your ingredients you pour them into your pie crust

Step 4: Bake

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Bake cheesecake for 40-50 minutes at 375 degrees. Just to make sure constantly check on it so you don't over bake!!!!!!!!!

Step 5: Add Personal Touch

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If you are going to decorate your cheesecake with whipped cream like I did you should let the pie rest for a while after baking to prevent the icing from melting.


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