Simple and Cheap IPad Stand





Introduction: Simple and Cheap IPad Stand

 This is a quick and painless solution until you get your expensive pre-order iPad stand :)

I just used stuff around the house. It's not the most elegant, but I didnt have to leave the house to do it!

- .97¢ basic metal bookend from staples
- 6 half circle rubber feet from the hardware store (2 bucks a pack)

Step 1: Stuff I Used

 If you dont have this stuff around the house, you can pick these up at your local stationary store and or hardware store.

Step 2:

- I put 2 pads on the top so the iPad could rest against the bookend's back without scratching my precious new toy.

- Then I added 2 more about 7/8" away from the back on the bottom top of the bookend. This will give you a near level view of the iPad.

- Then 2 more about 1-1/8" away from the back, to give me more of an angled view.

You can either rest your iPad on the rubber pads or in between them. Either way the surface of your iPad is protected from getting scuffed.

Step 3:

 All done!



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    I made one from a CD Box, nothing needed to be fixed

    how do you mean? Please share!

    I am using a CD Box and it can be used again as a box


    simple from items lying around the house. Instead of the rubber buttons, used some of the felt sticky back squares (normally used on chair legs to help protect wood floors) b

    It looks like a pretty efficient way to hold a tablet! I'll have to make this so I can play all of the apps with Sphero even easier!

    Awesome idea and thanks for taking the time to share with us.

    Going to give this a go this weekend, thanks for cool instructable!

    Good luck, you wont need it ;) it's as easy as pie....actually if pie were this easy, we'd all have diabetes!

    I'm still using mine after all these years. I've done some modifications to it since I posted this. Maybe I'll take some pictures and update it.

    You were right - dead easy! Went to IKEA and bought some cheap "chrome" bookends and made the mods, my Dad loved it so much, he took it home with him and I now have requests from his friends for iPad stands and my Mum for a Kindle stand - sigh! - the joys of being the family Tech Support ;-)

    Going to build my own this weekend and do the same for iPhone and iPod but using smaller bookends from a local retailer - once again, thanks for the great instructable!

    It works nice on the Kindle Fire as well. Thanks for a great Instructable.