This is a quick and painless solution until you get your expensive pre-order iPad stand :)

I just used stuff around the house. It's not the most elegant, but I didnt have to leave the house to do it!

- .97¢ basic metal bookend from staples
- 6 half circle rubber feet from the hardware store (2 bucks a pack)

Step 1: Stuff I Used

 If you dont have this stuff around the house, you can pick these up at your local stationary store and or hardware store.

<p>simple from items lying around the house. Instead of the rubber buttons, used some of the felt sticky back squares (normally used on chair legs to help protect wood floors) b</p>
It looks like a pretty efficient way to hold a tablet! I'll have to make this so I can play all of the apps with Sphero even easier!
Awesome idea and thanks for taking the time to share with us.
Going to give this a go this weekend, thanks for cool instructable!
Good luck, you wont need it ;) it's as easy as pie....actually if pie were this easy, we'd all have diabetes! <br> <br>I'm still using mine after all these years. I've done some modifications to it since I posted this. Maybe I'll take some pictures and update it.
You were right - dead easy! Went to IKEA and bought some cheap &quot;chrome&quot; bookends and made the mods, my Dad loved it so much, he took it home with him and I now have requests from his friends for iPad stands and my Mum for a Kindle stand - sigh! - the joys of being the family Tech Support ;-) <br> <br>Going to build my own this weekend and do the same for iPhone and iPod but using smaller bookends from a local retailer - once again, thanks for the great instructable!
It works nice on the Kindle Fire as well. Thanks for a great Instructable.
Hey good to know! I'm glad it works for you!
Great Instructable! I will try this. Trying to switch from MacBook to iPad is like trying to quit on Smoking: &quot;You need help...&quot;
V! To bad Hulu stopped playing it.
What a clever idea this is! I had an unused bookend and purchased the little &quot;pads&quot; on a quick trip to Office Depot, as you suggested. Simple and easy to put together, my little iPad 2 stand is perfect! Thanks for your great idea! I might even decorate it with paints and stickers. I love it!! ;-)) JJ
Awesome! I've been trying to figure out a cheap and sturdy solution for a stand, this is perfect! Thanks!
Thanks! I'm actually still using it after a year, this stand has become my iPad's permanent home. I've been tempted to get a store bought one, but whats the point :D
The iPad works in ALL four orientations. So if you place it with the home button on top, it still works fine, but you can still plug in your charger.<br> I could have done this with my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Full-color-3-D-viewing-stand-for-iPad/" rel="nofollow">iPad3-D stand</a>, but it's custom build anyway and has enough space below.<br>
Really? am i going to have to say it?&nbsp; okay...<br /> you bought a 600 dollar ipod thouch with 64 gigs maximum memory...<br /> and you are telling me that you dont have enough money to pay for a stand...<br /> really?&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />
He just spent all his money on the ipad and you ask why he has no money?&nbsp;:P<br />
&nbsp;Exactly my problem! Except I had bought the iTouch, and now it's gone but I still have no money... Hmm, bad...
&nbsp;The iTouch is a problem, not a product!
&nbsp;Wow, the ipad is just a trend.
Hey, I&nbsp;just ordered my iPad 2 days ago and have been thinking about how I could get a stand on the cheap...thanks for this great idea!!<br />
&nbsp;I would count on a &quot;cheap&quot; stand to support my expensive iPad. I only trust my own hands.
<p>you have an i-pad 0_o</p>
I'm just going to prop mine up on my cat.<br />
&nbsp;If I had a cat handy when i made this, I would have stuck rubber pads on it.
Cats don't like rubber pads. Only steel pads.<br />
Oh!&nbsp; No!!!!!&nbsp; Apple will come screaming at you (or sue you).&nbsp; You probably violated some EULA stating that the ipad can only be used with stuff &quot;blessed&quot; by them.&nbsp; :)<br />
Most probably :D<br /> <br /> Expect a cease and desist mail for tonight :D<br /> <br /> Jokes aside, easy cheap, practic and effective. Well done mate :)
&nbsp;Thanks! Honestly I made this so I could watch V on the ABC app. It was the only incentive I had to give V another chance....At least I got a Feature (on here) out of making myself watch that episodic abortion!&nbsp;
&nbsp;Cool it, you guys are makin me nervous! I'm already seeing dudes wearing black turtle necks, old man jeans, and ear-pieces all over the place!<br /> <br /> THEY'RE WATCHING ME!!!!<br />

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