Step 2:

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- I put 2 pads on the top so the iPad could rest against the bookend's back without scratching my precious new toy.

- Then I added 2 more about 7/8" away from the back on the bottom top of the bookend. This will give you a near level view of the iPad.

- Then 2 more about 1-1/8" away from the back, to give me more of an angled view.

You can either rest your iPad on the rubber pads or in between them. Either way the surface of your iPad is protected from getting scuffed.
JeanetteJ4 years ago
What a clever idea this is! I had an unused bookend and purchased the little "pads" on a quick trip to Office Depot, as you suggested. Simple and easy to put together, my little iPad 2 stand is perfect! Thanks for your great idea! I might even decorate it with paints and stickers. I love it!! ;-)) JJ