Picture of Simple and cheap iPad stand
 This is a quick and painless solution until you get your expensive pre-order iPad stand :)

I just used stuff around the house. It's not the most elegant, but I didnt have to leave the house to do it!

- .97¢ basic metal bookend from staples
- 6 half circle rubber feet from the hardware store (2 bucks a pack)
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Step 1: Stuff I used

Picture of Stuff I used
 If you dont have this stuff around the house, you can pick these up at your local stationary store and or hardware store.

Step 2:

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- I put 2 pads on the top so the iPad could rest against the bookend's back without scratching my precious new toy.

- Then I added 2 more about 7/8" away from the back on the bottom top of the bookend. This will give you a near level view of the iPad.

- Then 2 more about 1-1/8" away from the back, to give me more of an angled view.

You can either rest your iPad on the rubber pads or in between them. Either way the surface of your iPad is protected from getting scuffed.

Step 3:

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 All done!

Awesome idea and thanks for taking the time to share with us.
sheldor3 years ago
Great Instructable! I will try this. Trying to switch from MacBook to iPad is like trying to quit on Smoking: "You need help..."
htxb5 years ago
Hey, I just ordered my iPad 2 days ago and have been thinking about how I could get a stand on the cheap...thanks for this great idea!!