Simple and Easy Ecto Goggles


Introduction: Simple and Easy Ecto Goggles

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These are my simple and easy Ecto goggles I made for my Ghostbusters costume.
There made from a few house hold items, very easy to make, sweet on the budget and looks great.
I will be posting an instructable as soon as I get all the pictures loaded onto the computer.

Thanks for stoping by :)

Edit: you can find the how to make step by step right here



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    Could you make a pke meter or a ghost trap

    ya.. thats you.. lol goggles look great.. i need to finish mine i am working.. i need more pins to add more lace lol

    sorry for taking so long but here is how I did it:
    I hope this helps

    this looks like a lot of fun. what are the google bits made out of exactly? I see a caution stick on one of them -- wondering what it is!

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    The're made from safety goggles, pvc pipes and holders, a toliet paper roll, paint and the stickers are from online.
    Once I get the pics all off my cam im making an step by step.
    It was a lot of fun and not too hard at all

    Are you a Ghostbusters fan?