Step 1: Assess the problem

This is what I'm used to working with, a plastic tray from a cheap toolbox full of screwdrivers and such. I would like to get s good tool organizer, but the plastic ones feel too cheap, and the wood ones are to much money for a poor college student like myself. So I did the next best thing, DIY

Step 2: Scrap to treasure

So I threw this together out of scraps I had left behind from some shelves that I built for my room. Its just a 12" x 5-3/4" piece of 3/4" MDF with a little piece of 2x4 screwed onto the back (this is to give it an angle when it is resting agains the pegboard.)

Step 3: Placing Hooks

To make moving the shelf around on the pegboard easier, I decided to just hot glue the pegs directly into holes in the shelf. The pegs were 5/32" wide. In the front of the shelf, I drilled some more holes, and hot glued some more pegs in, to give some sturdy pegs on the front.
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Eye Poker3 years ago
I want to do this with my drill bits.
Boy you just said what majic thought I had a couple days ago! Been looking for one of those metal organizer boxes for drill bits but man EXPENSIVE!!! I might use the wood glue part for a 1x4 and just drill holes in a zig- zag pattern to put on my pegboard though.
nrepak4 years ago
cool and props for using hot glue (one of my favorite adhesives)
snowpenguin5 years ago
This is neat. I'm building one. 4.5*
Korey6 years ago
How does the hot glue hold up? It doesnt seem like the pegs would be on very sturdy for mounting on the board?
Shifrin6 years ago
This can be Handy, it looks nice to!
sysadmn6 years ago
Nice and simple! would be good to have the "after" shot, with the organizer in use. Is there anything you'd do differently after loading it up?
he has pictures posted in his intro