This is my simple and real every day carry. Most people can't or won't carry a big kit everywhere they go. I know I won't religiously carry a kit everywhere, when I will never have a need for half of it. So here is an Intractable on what I carry on my person at all times and why I carry it.

Step 1: Low Tech Items

A Sharpie and Chapstick.

For writing I've got a sharpie its pretty effective for writing on any surface. I often need to write down a shopping list, dimensions, assignments. Note that I don't carry paper if I write something down I'll likely loose the paper. Therefore I tend to write on my arm. If I lose my arm I have bigger things to worry about than whatever I had written on my arm.

Chapstick for my frequently chapped lips. I have a very attractive girlfriend whom I enjoy kissing so soft lips is important.F
<p>I like your EDC list, I imagine it will inspire many people to put more thought into what they carry on a daily basis. :-) </p><p>My own daily requirements vary greatly depending on where I am going and who is with me (ie. a first aid kit stays in my camelback in my trunk and goes everywhere when my kids are with me- I've had to butterfly bandage each of them more than once.)</p><p>As far as daily carry, I NEVER leave home without my pocket knife, a belt (even if my pants fit snug), my ID, debit card, cash, and my awesome ink pen that has a super bright flashlight built into it. I also wear a survivor bracelet on each wrist. So if I ever need to provide immediate trauma response, I can give a tracheotomy (knife and pen), apply a tourniquet (belt), or lace up a hasty made splint (550 cord), to name a few. Luckily, I have needed none of these skills for the last decade or so, but I hear that luck favors the prepared.</p><p> Great post...but I suggest wearing a belt, just in case you do lose your notebook/arm and need to stop the bleeding with one hand. ;-)</p><p>Oh, and look into the Griffin Survivor case for your iPhone. It is as sturdy as an Otter box and MUCH cheaper. Mine has survived swimming pools, being dropped off of roofs onto concrete, and two kids and although the case is showing wear, my phone is nice and shiny when I take it out to drain the chicken broth out of the case or whatever the most recent mini-disaster is. Have a terrific day! ~Jessi</p>

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Bio: I'm a beginner prepper and my name is Parker.
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