Introduction: Simple Aquaponics Floating Plant

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Not only is it a nice decoration, it also provides you with fresh herbs, flowers of vegetables.

Step 1: Materials

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1- A knife
2- A pencil
3- Hydro pebbles (gravel will work to)
4- Glue (optional)
5- A plastic plant cup (they are free at a garden centre)
6- A small piece of foam (it must be water proof), you can buy it at a materesstore.

Step 2: Preparing the Cup

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Cut holes in the cup.
If the holes are to big the hydro pebbles fall out.

Step 3: Cutting the Foam

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Cut the foam in the shape of the cup. Also cut a hole in the centre of the foam, this will allow you to put the plant trough the foam.

Step 4: Put It All Together

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Fill the cup with hydro pebbles, put the plant trough the foam and put it all together.
You can glue the foam to the cup but if you push it a little bit in the cup it will keep together.

Step 5: Let It Fload

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Put the cup in the water and let it float.
In time the roots will grow and start coming trough the holes.
You can always paint it to make it look better. But be sure to use water proof paint.

After a time you can enjoy your fresh herbs and vegetables out of your own aquarium.


swalsh11 (author)2014-05-12

That's good.

Brantley Tinnin (author)2014-01-14

overall though a good instructable

Brantley Tinnin (author)2014-01-14

@discostu956 and lynnfiorant one more step should be used to cause only part of the roots to be in the water or position it where it stays above the bubble stone to keep a constant supply of oxygen to the roots to keep them from rotting and breaking

lynnfiorante (author)2014-01-05

I tried doing something similar to that and the plants roots always rotted and died

discostu956 (author)2014-01-01

is this suitable for all plants? just under the impression that plants require the roots exposed to oxygen or air for the roots to grow properly, but never known much about that. very keen to try this!

Uncle Kudzu (author)2014-01-01

Pretty good idea! The plant roots would help filter the water by using wastes as nutrients. Good for the fish, good for the plant. I'd be careful about painting the plastic, though. Might not be safe for the fish.

Jacky P (author)2014-01-01

What about its food

plopkoek (author)Jacky P2014-01-01

The water of the aquarium will be full of nutrients due to the fish. They will poop in the water.

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