Other insturcables have explained what aquaponics is so I wont go into that. I'm going to go right into my project. So here we go...

and BTW this is my first instructable please be kind : )

Step 1: What You Need (in No Particular Order)

A fish tank you choose the size
- I have a ten gallon
Fish also your choice
- You can use gold fish or an edible fish like tilapia
Jiffy seed starter or what ever you use to start plants
- I like these because they are easy to start seeds and easy to transplant
Pea pebbles
- There are several other mediums like clay pebbles, you could even try tank gravel.
Air pump
- I like one that has at least two out puts
Air stones
- One for each plant
Aquarium T-Way Connectors
- One for each plant
Plastic Bottles no less than 1 litter 2 would be best
- One for each plant
Light source
Air line tubing the 8ft. line should be enough
A cutting apparatus I chose a razor blade
and I'm sure I will think of something else as I go along the way
<p>Thx! Also check out this DIY aquaponics <a href="http://www.99aquaponics.com" rel="nofollow">www.99aquaponics.com</a></p>
I am a bit confused on this set up. Do the plants get the polluted water pump from the tank to the plants and then clean water back to the tank, or is this just air to the plants. Any comment directed towards me would be greatly appreciated!
Before putting fish in a tank, please cycle the tank. you can extensively read on the nitrogen cycle on the internet. Cycling with fishes is cruel and reduce fish lifespan.<br>You just have to run your aquarium fishless for 2 to 3 weeks. When ammonia, and nitrites have disappeared and there is a low concentration of nitrates, then put the fishes in.
Ittibittirainbow, seeing how your set up, may i ask if you replanted these plants into your system, or if they grew from the beginning with setup. What types of plants are recommended for growing vegetables in an aquaponic system? Or better can you list me a good aquaponic community?<br />
I wonder if you used co2 instead of just an air pump if the plants would thrive even further?maybe use both co2 and regular air from a pump as well.Of course you would then have to put 2 air stones in each also but I love your idea!How has this system been working for you?
All with Genuene intrest should Check out : Southern Regional Aquaculture Center Publication No.4501 August 2005.<a rel="nofollow" href="">;cd=1&amp;hl=en&amp;ct=clnk&amp;gl=us&amp;client=safari</a><br/>
oh yeah i use those its peat not coconut
I mean mine are peat

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