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I can't get over how expensive bike stands are.. so I usually make my own. This one came out exceptionally easy, so I thought I'd share it!

Step 1: Parts and Prep:

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  • Plywood: 3/4", 6"x40" piece
  • Wood or drywall screws: 8 x 1.5 or 1.25"
  • 2 x clamps (optional)

You can get away with different dimensions, but these are optimal for the handlebar width of a bike, and mounting to a 2x4. Just remember if you change how far the stand projects from your post or wall, to allow the handlebars to clear the wall.

Cut according to the image.

Step 2: Assembly, Finishing Touches

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Screw the parts together as shown. Be sure to drill pilot holes for the screws, as screwing into the edge of 3/4 plywood without piloting will invariably cause splitting. (1/8 pilot drill bit for a drywall screw).

To protect the bike finish, I taped some cardboard to the divots where the bike frame is clamped. A few wraps of duct tape or something more elegant will do just as well.


For my own writeup, see:


tomatoskins (author)2015-03-04

Why did you choose to secure your stand with clamps? Is there any major advantage of this over screwing it to the 4x4?

Lewis1286 (author)tomatoskins2015-03-04

I move quite a bit, so this is more portable, and in my current living arrangement, the posts are exposed to the elements. If you have a covered area, I'd certainly suggest screwing the stand to the wall. Else give it a good coat of primer for the elements. I'd still suggest a quick-grip clamp for holding the bike to the stand, as they are both fast-release and secure.

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