Do you love pizza, but hate waiting for the delivery boy? If so, do you like to cook? Here is an Instructable on how to make delicious biscuit pizza, with basically half the time it takes to order it!

Step 1: Ingredients...

Here is what you will need...

1 pan

1 oven

1 can of biscuits, thawed to room temp.

1 jar of Ragu pizzaquick pizza sauce

1 bag of shredded pizza cheese

1 bag of pepperoni slices

About 2 cups of flour, in a bowl.

<p>Easy to make and tasted awesome!<br>Thanks for this recipe ;)</p>
Over ten thousand views? You guys are awesome.
Man, that looks really good!
think one could knead a few biscuts together and get a full sized crust? I'm about to give this a shot.
Uh... Yeah! Go ahead! It should work. There are some biscuits that are made for pizza crust, so you could use that if you wanted to. Just be ready to pay an extra 20 cents. ;)
Omfg i made a pizza today i put simple crust dough in a pan on the fire then when the crust was done i added pizza saus, rasp cheese and pepperony ;D and it tasted great! great for camping trips 1 cup of whole wheat flour (as freshly milled as practical) 1/4 tsp. salt 1tsp baking powder water :D EASY!! AND HMM bread :D
nah, I really like the hand formed aspect of this. I'm also *very* curious how it would react to my pizza stone.<br/><br/>I'm officially intrigued, this is an amazing idea.<br/>
When I was a kid my mom made pizzas from Thomas's English muffins. Toast lightly, sauce, toppings melt cheese and eat. I used to hate this as I would rather have pizza parlor pizza, but made them myself for nostalgia's sake and found I loved them now
nice, my cousin makes these with her kids and they love it. her mom(my aunt) taught us how to make these when we were kids. :)
looks good but about how much do they cost. +1
They cost about.... seven bucks total? I dunno. It really depends on what kind of toppings/biscuits you use. But they are generally less than ten dollars.
Great idea, Love pizza, we use Ritz crackers for bit size, a real hit with the grand kids
i think i was too slow cause i was gonna do this, oh well, good instructable, i like to combine two biscuits and use a rolling pin, im sorry but bad choice on the "quick" pizza sauce. the other stuff is better
incredible mom nails :o
Mmmmm, I love making these. In fact... I think I'll go make one now! Good job and +1!
Aren't biscuits sweet though? Or is this another US/UK semantics thing?
Yep. Biscuit (UK) = Cookie (USA). These are southern (maybe south eastern even) style bread rolls. Check this out. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.grandmacooks.net/?q=biscuit_2">__mmmmmm__</a> <br/><br/>They're pretty buttery (savory). I highly recommend them if you've never had one. Better than the best scone and cream you've ever had. ;-)<br/>
this is well known i think but its a good instructable and the pizzas great :)
Great instructable, we make pizza's like this at home with garlic crossants. Magnifique!

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