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 Here is one simple instructable is dedicated to the realization of my garden in spring 2012.
It is a solution to the problem created by the wind: it has a tendency to fit through the holes in the nylon and create a  "balloon effect" causing various adverse effects including some damage to the plant.
In addition, as you can see, you decrease the effectiveness of nylon in all senses!
To remedy this I thought this simple and non-expensive construction.

Step 1: The Components

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 To achieve this I used simple pieces of corrugated tube (can derive either from exhaust pipes of old appliances or lengths of waste pipe for electrical installations under track).
In an early version appears in the video, I filled with sand pipe before connecting it to make a circle; in the second version, which is the one that I adopted as final I did go into the inside of the tube a segment of wire of 2 mm diameter, then fillet with bamboo rod, causing him to go through this after having drilled a hole;
In this way it was possible, by sticking the barrel that also serves as a mentor for the tomato that I planted in the ground, setting circles are also kept in position by wire fixed to the barrel.

Step 2:

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As you can see, through these circles of fixing you will get at least two positive purposes
1) weeds hardly take root at the nylon because the circle acts as a stopper for the light to the air.
2) as a result of pressure on the ground creating a basin that promotes the flow of water towards the inside avoiding wastage in the time of manual irrigation and encouraging the flow of rainwater.

Step 3:

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 Here a first video documenting the usefulness of this simple application; later, when I have applied the "modification" to the other tomato will do another video that will explain, I hope, better the usefulness of the system.
Meanwhile greet and invite anyone who wants to give a a more convincing name to this realization as well as synthetic saying if something similar has already been realized.
Thank you for your attention and see you at the next ...
 Torx from Italy


torx (author)2013-04-07

Thank you, this year we dream vegetables: we still paving the way: is too wet

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torx (author)asterixoder2012-04-18

Thank !!

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Thank you rimar

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