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Hi, this is my first vibrabot so I accept suggestions.

The robot was designed to be carried out in 15 minutes made with parts that were recovered from various electronic equipment.

This is the video of the bot in action and some descriptions of it, please enjoy.

Also don't forget comment and vote.

Step 1: Materials

This are the materials and tools used in the construction.

2 Switches
2 Motors ( they have to be different in size or in the metal weight to archive the goal of two modes).
1 9V Battery
1 Connector for the 9v battery
2 pieces of metal or whatever is handy to be used as legs for the robot.
soldering tin
Some wire

wire stripping
electrical tape
masking tape
soldering iron
Also one third hand can be useful but not is required
can i use a remote+receiver on the on/off switch to make the bot remote activated? <br>
sure, you just have to take into consideration that the receptor has any control circuit with a switch that fulfills the function on and off and if the circuit have the ability to control more than one switch, that extra switch could be used to control mode of the robot.

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