Simple But PAINFUL 20,000 V Taser


Introduction: Simple But PAINFUL 20,000 V Taser

All you need is my cap charger, plus some other parts and you are ready to shock!

Step 1: Tools and Material

Stuff you need:

- Wire (red/black 1mm outer diameter)

- Solder

- GDT (gas discharge tube or spark gap) 230V or 350V

- MKP capacitor (or comparable) 400VDC 0.47 -1.0µF

- AAA holder

- AAA cell

- Momentary switch

- Pulse transformer / ignition coil


- Wire cutters / scissors

- Soldering iron

- Hot glue /+gun

Step 2: Instructions

1. Get your cap charger

2. Cut out a hole for the switch

3. Drill or melt 2 1mm holes into the front, and attach the coil as shown in the video

4. Solder GDT to the coil

5. Solder the MKP to the other pin of the coil

6. Connect GDT to MKP+ (the MKP is not polarized, but + is where +input from the charger goes :)

7. Connect MKP+ to cap charger+OUT, and MKP- (connected to coil), to charger-OUT

8. Solder the switch to charger+IN, and the battery holder+

9. Solder charger-IN to battery holder-

10. Put in the AAA and test fire :>

Step 3: Instructional Video

Check the video to see what I did there....and how !



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    all ways said watch video but there is not a video.? may be me

    1 reply

    You have to click NEXT ^^

    Cool, does it cause burning when it shocks you? I know some of the home made tasers made from disposable flash cameras will cause minor burns if you shock someone with it.

    Towards the end of the video there is some arching going on back up in the housing. You might want to do some better insulating there.

    1 reply

    Its not arcing, its just the flash of the GDT ^^
    And I will not try whether it burns you or not ^^ but I dont think so.
    350V might burn, because the current is alot higher. Mine = high voltage, low amps.

    It will shock you. And my coil is 20kV output, so its around 20kV for sure.