Picture of Simple but unusual modern picture frame
Having artists among friends is a brilliant thing when you're arranging your new flat. I commisioned a painting from a friend of mine, but it didn't look very good when it was just on a stretcher - it's too dynamic and it needed a frame. I wanted something that would correspond with the painting itself and I came up with this fairly simple but very characteristic and stylish design.

It's easy to make - took me two days only because I had problems with a poor paint that didn't want to dry up. It's also quite materials- and tools-efficient - very little is needed for quite a good effect. Here's a list of what you will need (the measurements were determined by the size of my painting, but are easily modified):

- Wood:
- 2x 880x20x10 (stretcher)
- 2x 1280x20x10 (stretcher)
- 2x 980x32x18 (construction frame)
- 2x 1380x32x18 (construction frame)
- 2x 850x90x10 (outside frame)
- 2x 1250x90x10 (outside frame)
- Screws
- 2 thin flat 'slices' of metal (I used old overdoor hangers)
- Paint & varnish
- Drill
- Jigsaw
- Pliers
- Files and sanding paper

If you like the painting itself and would like to contact the artist, write me, he may consider other painting requests!
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Step 1: Stretcher

Picture of Stretcher
That step is really easy - just join the 4 boards together as shown on the picture. Stretch the painting you have on it. Some precision is needed though - make sure that after the stretcher is assembled it's not warped - it should lie flat on the floor.

Now stretch the painting on the stretcher.

Step 2: Preparing the outside boards

Picture of Preparing the outside boards
Now you need to prepare the good-looking part of the frame. First cut the inside corners of the outside boards as shown on the picture.

Before joining anything together, paint and varnish all the frame elements.
ChrysN6 years ago
Nice, the frame really suits the painting.