Having artists among friends is a brilliant thing when you're arranging your new flat. I commisioned a painting from a friend of mine, but it didn't look very good when it was just on a stretcher - it's too dynamic and it needed a frame. I wanted something that would correspond with the painting itself and I came up with this fairly simple but very characteristic and stylish design.

It's easy to make - took me two days only because I had problems with a poor paint that didn't want to dry up. It's also quite materials- and tools-efficient - very little is needed for quite a good effect. Here's a list of what you will need (the measurements were determined by the size of my painting, but are easily modified):

- Wood:
- 2x 880x20x10 (stretcher)
- 2x 1280x20x10 (stretcher)
- 2x 980x32x18 (construction frame)
- 2x 1380x32x18 (construction frame)
- 2x 850x90x10 (outside frame)
- 2x 1250x90x10 (outside frame)
- Screws
- 2 thin flat 'slices' of metal (I used old overdoor hangers)
- Paint & varnish
- Drill
- Jigsaw
- Pliers
- Files and sanding paper

If you like the painting itself and would like to contact the artist, write me, he may consider other painting requests!

Step 1: Stretcher

That step is really easy - just join the 4 boards together as shown on the picture. Stretch the painting you have on it. Some precision is needed though - make sure that after the stretcher is assembled it's not warped - it should lie flat on the floor.

Now stretch the painting on the stretcher.
Nice, the frame really suits the painting.

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