This instructable will show you how you can use an old credit card, or similar, to make a simple earbud organiser.

Step 1:

Find an old plastic card of some type. I used an expired gift credit card.

Commercial organisers tend to be too small for my liking, leaving the cable with a permanent coil after use. I found a credit card to be just the right length.

I cut out a notch at the top and bottom about 10mm deep. If you're wrapping a much longer cable than a set of earbuds or similar, make this deeper to keep the cable. There is no harm in doing 10mm and testing it first, as you can always cut it more!

Secondly, on the side right in the middle, cut a notch about 3 times wider and deeper than the cable you're going to use.

I bent the cutouts backwards to make a smooth corner for the cable, but if you want to store this card in your wallet, you'll want to cut the notches completely out so the card is perfectly flat afterwards. Your call.

It should look something like this:
I made four of these for the earbuds and other cables I use with my Kindle. Very handy! Keeps the contents of the case I use to transport the Kindle and accessories all nice and orderly. Great project!
Nice one! Thanks for the feedback!
<p>I have tried several different ways to handle ear puds, this is by far the easiest. </p>
<p>NIcely done!<br>Quite handy if you just want to throw earbuds in your bag or pocket without them becoming a knotted mess.<br>There are commercial products on the market that do a nice job, but I always found that i'm left with a fairly bulky organiser in my pocket when i'm using the earbuds. The credit card trick means it goes right into my wallet like no extra inconvenience!</p>
I made a sligtly different version for the wall wart cord that came with my Kindle Fire. I cut a couple of holes in the card to hold the plug prongs and cut a notch in the end of the card to accommodate the cord. Then I wrapped the cord around the wart and card. (see sttached pics)
I have a good mental picture of what you're doing, and that sounds very clever! I can't see the attached pics (might be because my pro account has just expired?)<br>Thanks for the new ideas!
I don't think it is your account status. It appears the epics didn't upload due to user error. Here's my second attempt.
Oh yes! I guess depending on where you live, the holes would vary in shape, but the concept should work nonetheless. Great work!
clever use of material. although...you still have to unwrap your wire to get it back off the card.
Yep. I can't think of a way around that, and I don't mind personally. As long as my wire doesn't become a coiled telephone cable, i'm ok with it!
ha fair enough.

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