Introduction: Simple Wide Belt Sander for Wooden Strips


1 multilayer wood 230x300x15

1 multilayer wood 300x60x15

2 multilayer wood 70x25x15

1 hinge 50x40

1 screw M8x70

1 abrasive buffer

1 drill support

Step 1:

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Mount the hinge on the two pieces of multilayer (70x25 & 300x60) like in the pictures.

Step 2:

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Screw in the two previous pieces on the basis of 230x300 like in the pictures

Step 3:

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On the opposite side to the hinge execute a threaded hole M8

Step 4:

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Mount the abrasive buffer on the drill and place it. With two screws fix the support.

Step 5:

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Fix at the base the second piece (70x25) in front of the Support. Fix the support with two screws.

Step 6:

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Insert the screw in the hole at the base. This screw allows adjustment of the thickness.

Step 7:

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Lock the drill in the support and check the parallelism between the abrasive buffer and the adjustable base.

Step 8:

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The wide belt sander machine is ready. Perform small thickness reductions.


russ_hensel (author)2015-06-29

Simple calibrate sizer strips by model does not mean much to me. I would guess that English is not your first language, an english editor might help. I am busy for the next few weeks but would help, if you want, in the future. Or someone else?

anallie0 (author)russ_hensel2015-06-29

I don't speak English

is better now ? :)

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-06-28

Nice shop hack. If you could include some more written descriptions, it would help people to replicate it.

ok, dismount it and post the details.

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