Step 3: The displacer

Roll the steel wire wool around a bic pen, when it's a little bigger then the can opening, stop rolling the wool and cut it to size. Cut it down to about 2/3rds of the height of the can. Thread the paper clip you formed earlier through the centre of the steel wire wool. Tie on about a foot of fishing line to the hook in the paper clip. Squeeze the displacer into the can. It's a tight fit, but it can be done

wiinick4 years ago
Ok so my steel wool is in there, there are some gaps in it, for air passing i guess you can say its a big gap, it looks tighter than what ur picture looks like, but either way it falls on its own with relative ease. I put the paperclip in and it stays, so i'd like to ask is the steel wool in right, like noticeable gaps are ok, answer that and ill get out of your hair for a while(until i need to ask yet another question, bear with me).

Oh and how power full is this thing, could you send me a link to your newer on thats more complicated, my idea is to make this first to figure out how it works so i can make a more complicated one and understand it.
scraptopower (author)  wiinick4 years ago
Wiggle the displacer around a bit more just to be sure it falls freely. There's just a small gap around the displacer, maybe 1-4 mm. It won't be the same all around the displacer though, some parts will be nearly touching some parts will have a gap.

Small Stirling engines really don't have much power at all, I couldn't give you a measurement though!
wiinick4 years ago
how snug
scraptopower (author)  wiinick4 years ago
It should fall under it's own weight. If it doesn't, squeeze it against the side of the can until it's small enough to fall.
wow man, fast response time
good good, if i put it under a candle will it rise
wiinick4 years ago
Help me im begging you
wiinick4 years ago
This picture is hard to tell is there supposed to be a gap
SURAJ19924 years ago
HOW DID U INSERT THAT bent paper clip inside the rolled wire wool??

And do we need anything to keep this wire wool from unfurling and rubbing the can??