This is a tutorial of how to construct a pneumatic air gun. This compressed air launcher has the ability to launch projectiles a large distance. This should be treated as a real gun, and never point it at another person, treat the gun as if it is loaded all the time. also put the projectile in the barrel before you pump the air cylinder tight just incase the valve releases or is knocked and fires the projectile.

Step 1: Cutting the Stock

firstly, the stock of the gun must be shaped and designed as to how you would like it. I have traced a marlin .22 , once the stock has been designed trace the outline onto 2 Lengths of wood at 15mm thick. or one solid piece at 30mm thick. Now that you have the outline on the wood, carefully cut on the outer side of this line with a jig saw cutter. This giving you your wooden stock.
<p>This is a very good design. i was thinking that i wanted to make something similar but could never think how to.</p><p>In the next few months I will be posting a quite complicated air shotgun which uses shells and has a rubber powered trigger system.</p><p>PS you should 'flag' that comment by 'metalworkingmaster123' to get it deleted as it somewhat spoils the look of this very good instructable. :-)</p>
<p>Very nice concept you have communicated. Lewis &amp; Clark had air-guns when traveling to explore the west. of course those airguns were 850psi. In the simpler terms, you have created a functional device with those concepts in mind. Good job. </p>
Very good work.