The conversion must be simple and rapidly reversible allowing the use as a car for all year and like a camper-van during holiday

Step 1: Easy Camper Van Conversion (VW T4 Caravelle 2500 TDI )

The idea make an easy way to convert Volkswagen t4 caravelle in a camper van..... easy to re convert from campervan to 9 people bus.

It must be easy to convert and easy to revert...

I really like your project. Where are you from, did you have any problems with the tüv? Or anything like the German tüv?
<p>no any problem all I build and I attach on the T4 will be remove before the check &quot;revisione&quot; so the van easy come back to the original set</p>
<p>Nice! I want a big van, specifically so I can camp in it. I can only dream for now, but this is a great project. Thanks for sharing it!</p>
<p>thank you for your nice comment</p>

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