I am not very good at icing or baking or cooking, or anything that has to do with a kitchen really.. I almost burnt the house down making tea >.> oops. But for Valentines day every year (and my anniversary) I try my best not to burn the house down and make a home cooked meal or desert for my boyfriend.

This year I made him gingerbread cookies from scratch (since its his favorite type of cookie) and I used cookie cutters to make them cute. But I didn't just want to give him cookie cut cookies, I wanted to make them look pretty too. But as I said I am a little spastic. However I stuck with some rather simple icing designs and made the most adorable cookies! They look more professional then I imagined they would!!

So with a thin icing tip and a fairly steady hand you too can make adorable cookies!!

Step 1: Materials

<3   Cookies
<3   Icing
<3   Food Coloring
<3   Icing Bags and Tips of various sizes. (You can buy these at the grocery stores)
        If you buy any tip, buy a small drawing tip. I swear the tip is amazing, everything I tried just looked great with it. Im pretty sure its magical!
<3   If you dont have icing bags or cant find them you can use sandwich bags and cut one of he corners with a scissor to fit your tips.
<3   A Fridge

And of course some Love and creativity!  <3

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Bio: I am an engineering student at Stony Brook university, and a hoop dancer. I am, The Hoopgineer!
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