Hey there. Uh..basically I up-cycled an old pair of jeans in to a simple hand/shoulder bag (if you want a shoulder bag, make the pocket larger and the strap longer). I know what you might be thinking, and no I did not make it for myself (I'm a boy) it's for my cousin. However, if you are planning on a male using it, remove the bow!

The only materials required are:
Basic sewing knowledge (and a sewing machine)
An old pair of jeans (WASH THEM!)
Blue thread/cotton
A silver/white ribbon

P.S. It was SO hard to get good photos. These were the best

Step 1: The Pocket

Because the pocket wasn't going to be to large, I cut off about18-20cm of one leg, as it already had a seam for me (yay :D).
I then sewed a straight line along the bottom, and with a little difficulty, sewed in a hem (to the rim).
haha cool idea :)
I am sorry I missed this! Nice job! <br>Sunshiine

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