Picture of Simple, efficient and humane mousetrap.
After getting a new and improved cat in the household we found that said cat had a distinct talent for catching live mice outdoors, only to bring them indoor for release. We decided to reverse the process but ran into a snag, catching the durned thing. I decided to think like a mouse and came up with the following simple solution.
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Step 1: Items needed

Picture of Items needed
To make the trap you need three empty toilet rolls and duct tape. In case you feel the need for lasers, you can certainly tape one to the finished trap.

Step 2: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
2014-02-18 23.12.34.jpg
2014-02-18 23.12.42.jpg
Tape the three rolls together end-to-end to make a long tube. Close off one end as shown in the pictures. Secure the end with extra tape to prevent the mouse from escaping.
ajensen278 months ago
we weren't so humane. we had our traditional traps set and yet they still hung out under our stove. we got our bb guns out and waited. when one ran out straight instead of against the wall like usual I screamed like a girl and my gf in her panic shot me twice (foot and top of my calf). and the mouse ran away. lesson? don't give a girl a gun.. .
mice aren't an introduced post where you are from? Very neat idea with the trap, simple and very logical
jflygare (author)  discostu9561 year ago

No, mice are indigenous here. Seems to be a lot of them this year though.

AndyGadget1 year ago

Amazing coincidence - Half an hour ago I was sliding a pokey stick around under our piano and my son was waiting at the other side with an open box for the mouse (which our cat had so thoughtfully brought in for us to play with) to run into. Mission successful and mouse now released into dense shrubbery. I do like the cardboard tube idea - I'll keep the next kitchen-roll tube for that purpose.

(And my wife did scream like a little girl when it ran towards her, even though she's normally quite sensible.)