Simple garden sprinkler with pressure booster home made.

Picture of Simple garden sprinkler with pressure booster home made.
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This new accomplishment is the initial part of a more complex irrigation system that I'm going to install in my vegetable garden near 2012.
It is a system of supply of rainwater through a system of pipes.It is also equipped with a small compressor to give a little water pressure to get to the farthest point of the garden.
Everything was built with material recovery for the most part, or at best with low cost material.

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Step 1: The componets

Picture of The componets
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The main components are:
1) a tank 25 liters (of a certain ruggedness)
2) a small compressor for inflating bicycle tires
3) irrigation hose
4) rigid tube (recovered from an old electrical equipment from outside)
5) a few meters of flexible tube with a diameter of about 5 mm.
6) hot glue
7) other little accessory material
In this first project I dealt with irrigation of my tomatoes; I'll hope afterwards, by explaining it with another instructable, irrigation of the rest of the seedlings of my vegetable garden.
However already in this realization are the main components of the next.
Great idea !! I can see mounting this on the back of an ATV to water remote plantings,hooked to the ATV's electrical for power... Cheers!
torx (author)  Lectric Wizard2 years ago

Strong! Yours is the mobile version!Thank you!
As the owner of a small garden setup,located about fifteen feet beyond my garden hoses length,I thank you for a simple but effective solution
torx (author)  bobby sissom2 years ago
Thank you for your interest; I'm happy that my implementation (yet perfect of course) you could be useful!
If something is not clear, ask well, what can you answer