How to impress your friends with a stylish trigger.
Works like granade - pull 'n throw.
You need things you probably already have at home.

It came at last! The video!

I am not responsible if something bad happens to you by following this instructable!!

This is what we will be making:

Step 1: Materials and Tools

We need:
- 4 or more matches
- match box
- paper clip
- rubber band
- some tape

- scissors
- pins

Step 2: The Ring

- take the paper clip
- make it straight using hands or pins
- cross the ends ( make sure your finger fits inside and there must be some space left)
- wind the ends up
- cut the ends
- the ring is done

Step 3: Preparing the Match-ribbons

- take the match box
- using scissors cut off the match-ribbons
- bend their ends

Step 4: Attaching the Ribbons to the Ring

- take one ribbon and hang it on the ring
- do the same with the other one
- tape it firmly together

Step 5: Attaching the Matches

- take the matches and put the on some tape
- roll it up around a fire-crack or something(heads of the matches must be higher than the fire-crack)

Step 6: Putting the Things Together

- extend the match-ribbons ends and put them CAREFULY over the match heads
- put a rubber band over everything
- cross the rubber band and put it over again(do that 3 or 4 times(has to hold firmly))-its explained badly(if you dont understand see the pictures)

Step 7: How to Use It?

To use it:
- grab the fire-crack
- with other hand pull the ring quickly
-throw far and fast!!

This is my first instructable. I hope you like it and sorry for the bad english.
<p>For &quot;Fireworks&quot; <br><br>Gotcha...</p>
i also tryed it was amazin<br>
what is a "fire crack"
He meant fire cracker
Oh. Ok thanks<br />
yeah what is it and where do you buy them
It is a really, REALLY dangeroud drug
there are so many uses for that its insane! i think im gonna use mine on a smoke/flash grenade. thanks a ton and keep instructing!
Just pack some sand into a pen, then drop one of these in it, take off the pen lid, and throw it across the room during novel reading during humanities. I've been doing this for months
i've done this. it's really cool. i use a ring that i stole from a fire extinguisher in my school. i also use a toilet roll with tape, so it looks like a grenade.
my pincer is exactly the same as yours
I tried it a little bit ago but the cardboard striker will either rip or the striker is to short or it lust wont strike the matches : ( but its cool to post stuff about stuff
I havent tryed it but the vid looks realy cool: )
you also need a fire cracker
soo cooooool!!
it rocks i tryed it ty for making it
You really only need one match. Check my <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Pull-Ring-Fuse-Ignitor/">Instructable</a>.<br/>
That is true, but will the match burn while throwing the "bomb" Aldo both, even my instructable, are not perfect for instance my ignitor is harder to make i have to admit your instructable is very good
Cool... did ya know you can buy friction tubes that ignite something like cannon fuse... This would be cool... maybe make it into a tube with a friction string that is pulled though and drives an ignition wave back into a section of fuse... understand? ... I may have to build one...

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