Introduction: Simple Hacks for Very Small Workshops

Picture of Simple Hacks for Very Small Workshops

two mason jar hacks (you probably know them)

one placemat hack

two CD shelve hacks

one kitchen hook hack

one sheet package hack

Step 1: Mason Jars

Picture of Mason Jars

this one is well known in DIY organizing tips.

wash and dry the Mason Jars.

drill three holes in the lid (use a piece of wood scrap to do that)

use 3/4 screws to fix the lid under the shelves

Step 2: Old Placemats to Stop Dust

Picture of Old Placemats to Stop Dust

I had some old placemats without use in my house and I wanted to reduce the dust in some of my workshop shelves.

I just fixed them with a stapler, and than I used this wood sticks to join them together. To fix the sticks in the placemats I used hellermann ties.

than I placed two small screw hooks (and left some of the stick out in both sides) to hold the placemats opened.

Step 3: Mason Jars With Hose Clamps

Picture of Mason Jars With Hose Clamps

also a very well known thick in DIY organizing.

Just fix hose clamps in the wood with screws.

then I used a foam double faced tape on top of the screw to protect the glass so the screw didn't break the jar wile I was screwing the hose clamps.

then I placed the jars.

Step 4: CD Sheves

Picture of CD Sheves

two different ways of using old CD shelves in a workshop.

Step 5: Screw Hooks With Kitchen Hooks

Picture of Screw Hooks With Kitchen Hooks

just screw hooks under the shelves and use kitchen hooks to hold stuff.

Step 6: Sheets Packages

Picture of Sheets Packages

if you use transparent packages to store stuff in the workshop always makes it easier to find them later.

I used sheets packages because they come with zippers.


KatB3 (author)2015-08-01

I love this! I made this with baby food jars for all of my jewelry making supplies and it works like a charm

Diogo Granato (author)KatB32015-08-02

great! cheers!

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