Simple Hanging Light - Flower Pot


Introduction: Simple Hanging Light - Flower Pot

Old wire lamp, made look good!

Step 1: Simple Hanging Light - Flower Pot - Step 1

First get all the hardware you need:
- drill (any kind)
- hole saw (its attached to the drill)
- flower pot translucent white(2$)

Step 2: Simple Hanging Light - Flower Pot - Step 2

Second inspect what to do with the light socket and what kind of setting do you have
(mine was with socket thread)

Step 3: Simple Hanging Light - Flower Pot - Step 3

Drill the hole at the bottom of the flower pot, exactly at the center of the bottom so it can fit perfectly.

Step 4: Simple Hanging Light - Flower Pot - Step 4

Iv unscrew the plastic thread from the light socet, put the drilled flower pot up, and screw the plastic thread again.

Step 5: Simple Hanging Light - Flower Pot - Step 5

The flower pot was installed, and after that iv changed the wiring. 



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    2 Discussions

    Nice simple idea but how does the plastic pot react to the heat from the bulb? Not a problem if one uses fluorescent bulbs but I refuse to use them which is why I ask. When LED bulbs become cheaper & more common, I'd give this a try.

    If one was to draw a decorative pattern in a washable marker on the sides, drilling small holes along the pattern would give a very nice look when the light's on too.

    1 reply

    The plastic pot is far enough from the lamp and there is no heat problem with the 75w light bulb. I didnt use fluorescent lamp because is longer than the pot, and it sticks out. I dont know what kind of light gives LED bulbs, if you try please tell. The light bulb that i used is simple PHILIPS 75w wolfram lamp, and the light is soft and cosy that why i used it.

    I agree with you about the decorative hole patern. I think it will give the surrounding walls interesting light spots.

    I will use dimmer to see how it will work.