Simple headphone organizer using a vinyl badge clip.

Picture of Simple headphone organizer using a vinyl badge clip.
This requires no hacking, modifying of any sorts. This will not fray or short your wires from crimping nor will it void any warranties.

You can find these badge clips at pretty much any office supply store. Or if you're like me, you have a tons of these laying around from conferences and other events where free stuff is given out.

After using the other cord wrapper methods, this one was the most elegant and useful way for me. This will keep your cords tidy and keep them attached to your bag!


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Step 1: Find a clip

Picture of Find a clip
Find a clip in your junk drawer or buy some and give them out to your friends with this new purpose in mind!

If you need to buy them, you can find them at any office supply store.



 Staples Vinyl Straps with Two-Hole Clips, 100/Pack

Step 2: Wrap up your headphone

Picture of wrap up your headphone

fold up your wires so they'll fit in the vinyl, make sure you give it enough length so that overall circumfrence is not too thick.

Step 3: Secure the fastener

Picture of secure the fastener

Step 4: Clip it to your backpack, purse, murse, ear, whatever

Picture of clip it to your backpack, purse, murse, ear, whatever

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mrshko2 years ago
Nice! This solution reminds me a lot of this product:
o!snap headphone clip
brainwise5 years ago
 I like it!
quiviran5 years ago
 Good one. Plus, it's not often I can memorize and entire Instructible in one reading.
lafftur5 years ago
 This is fabulous!  I've spent a lot of time in the last few days searching for exactly this kind of solution.  All I could find were gadgets (Not that I don't love gadgets for the sake of gadgetism, I do.  But...) priced between $1 and $20 that may have been a partial solution, or would create an additional problem (such as, ok, where do I stow the 3" diameter gadget on my person?)

Thanks for this!  I must have 20 of those bloody little clips about!
richardsalt5 years ago
Thanks alot for this. The best solutions to everyday issues are often the simplest. If only the world operated in the same way ...