Here is an easy to make case for your iPad, using some "free" supplies from a well known courier service.  You can use the iPad while it is in the case. It is not padded but it should protect your device from light scratches.

Note: Use this case at your own risk. This case is meant for amusement purposes only and the amount of protection it provides should not be tested, at risk of any damage to your iPad.  Also, please do not take advantage and abuse the amount of the complimentary shipping supplies. Thanks.

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies list:
1 Clear, adhesive waybill pouch (with resealable zipper)
1 Large Tyvek envelope


Very useful, especially while cooking.
It occurs to me that, with adaptations for size & orientation, this application would work equally well for anything from a smartphone to an eReader to, well just about any compact electronic device. Well done!

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