Simple IPhone/iPod Touch Stand From 2 Binder Clips





Introduction: Simple IPhone/iPod Touch Stand From 2 Binder Clips

In all of about 5 seconds you can make a nice, sturdy stand for your favorite electronic gadget.
This is a greatly simplified version of petrov's instructable which I thought was clever but too fancy.

Step 1: Parts

All you need is two binder clips: a large one and a smaller one. I had a 1.5" wide one and a 3/4" wide one, so I used those. You can substitute a slightly wider clip for the smaller one and perhaps a bigger one for the big one, but don't use a smaller big one. We need its size for stability.

Step 2: Quick Two-step Assembly

Clap together the smaller clip's hands and then bend the body upwards. You'll have to hold the arms, or the top one will flip open. Insert the small arms into the big clip's jaws, but don't insert them all the way; you want to create a little crevasse for the edge of your iPhone to rest into.

Step 3: Seat It and Enjoy

That's it. You can now view your iPhone at a comfortable angle. The stand supports the iPhone vertically too (no photo, soz) and is quite rigid. Make several and keep them at home, work, and on your backpack carabiner (see the last step).

I'd also recommend memorizing how to quickly make delierium's business card stand. It comes in handy when you're in a bind (pun intended).

Step 4: Portability

Since assembly is trivially easy and there are only two small, lightweight parts, you can carry the stand around with you everywhere. I've attached mine to a backpack carabiner.



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    Easy and best for Office :) thanks !

    1 reply

    عالیه ،شما ایرانی ؟ok best

    Love it - I make tablet stands out of cat food boxes :D - 1 for every room!!

    Of all the the binder clip phone stands on this site, this is the most effective one I found. Good Job.

    semplice e geniale, complimenti !!!

    Simple...yet effective...hmmmmmm.....

    Great idea!

    Ingenious!!!! I would have never thought to use binder clips for this use. All I wanted was an inexpensive table stand for my iPod Touch (because it's the second generation, and Apple doesn't include stands with the iTouch anymore), and now I've found an idea for one.

    Simple, stylish, awesome, cheap and working! I love this one. C:

    what an idea thats great.

    I love it!! So simple, so efficient!! I use it for my Sansa e200; I stuck some wadding in there so it would be eye level when I was sleeping and wanted to watch something. Thanks!!

    I sand blasted mine for a nice Ikea aluminum look.

    1 reply

    Sounds nice! Please post a picture.

    Cool! I made an iPod stand from a regular wire paper clip. If I had any of these in my desk, I probably wouldn't have made mine.

    This is a great idea.

    Very simple.

    Great job!

    Here's mine if you want to see it.

    PaperClip iPod Dock

    4 replies

    Thanks Christophor, I like the way yours has a custom grip. Now I have 3 ways to improvise a stand: yours, mine, and the business card.

    Also... Cool Avatar. Black-Beard's flag right? Pirates are cool.

    Yes, that's right. I sail and have his flag on my mast.

    I'm kind of weary of using this kind of stand because it could scratch the back of my iPod Touch. I could just get a piece of paper or something to protect it. I think a business card would work perfectly. I love the idea though.