Simple Leather Bracelet





Introduction: Simple Leather Bracelet


I should be studying for my exams but it was sooo boring (differential equations and thermodynamics) so I decided to take a break and make something again!

And because I had some scrap leather I chose to make some simple leather bracelet.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The only material I used is leather which I was cutting with a knife. I also used drill for making holes. And in the end I applied a polish.

Step 2: Design

First step is to measure your wrist. I left some space here for the fastening.

Then make some sketches with dimensions.

I had to design it carefully because I had just a small piece of leather.

You can also sketch some ornamentation :)

Step 3: Cutting

Now just cut the basic shape out of leather and make holes for string (I used drill).

Step 4: Decoration

If you want too, you can make some decoration. I decided for a simple knot design.

I made it by pushing a blunt knife into the leather (as I don't have propper tools for leatherworking :D)

Step 5: Finish!

And you're almost done!

You can polish your bracelet as I did, or just add a leather string and wear it! :)

I hope you like it and I'm going back to studying :D



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its easy to make this thanks:)

I see you like the runes but there is an elder futhark translation to English. other than that I like the instructable,

The bracelet looks awesome! will make one very soon :)

Thank you! Good luck ;) don't forget to share your work!

It didn't turn out to be as good as yours but enjoyed making it :) I used golden paint for decoration.

leather bracelet.jpg

That's awesome! :O I like painted leather

Thanks for the help! I will definitely try this out!

You are welcome ;) Good luck!

Hello! Very nice instructable! I was wondering, though, if you could maybe clarify a bit on the design part. How do you exactly emboss the design of there? Could you use a butter knife? Thanks!