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Introduction: Simple Lighter Flamethrower / Shocker

A simple, yet kinda effective miniFlamethrower, electric HV ignition included.

Step 1: Getting Started

Measurements can vary, whatever you like. Edit, print, put it on wood, get a saw and cut it out.
Only 2 parts and couple of holes :)

Step 2: Material and Tool List (check the Video Too):


- Dremel (2 and 3mm drillbit plus cutting wheel)
- Screwdriver

- Knife

- Wirecutter

-Glue gun ( + glue sticks haha :> )

- Jigsaw


- modded camera board (check out the next video for details ^^ )

- M3 screws, 15 mm long (or similar) + nuts

- M2 screws, two 15 mm and 1 12mm + nuts

- Wooden plate (6mm or something) or plexiglas

- Microswitch / push button switch

- Battery Holder AAA or AA, whatever you prefer

- Wire / leads (1mm +- )

- Metalscrew (as a stopper for the trigger)

- 2 Lighter Metal Clips

Step 3: Video Tutorial



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    Hi, I'm french. I little speak english. For the camera bord, I have to use that of a digital camera or a camera that oneway? And sorry if my English is not very good

    2 replies

    No problemo mon ami. Its a disposable camera, so one-way.

    thanks, and gg for your inventions!!

    Hi everybody! Eeh I'm kinda new here and I just wonder how do you watch the videos?

    Hi mate,

    finally you have a dedicated DIY channel. I have been following your other youtube channel for a few years now and really liked your projects so far.

    If I may I would suggest you go into more detail with the individual steps. The spark generator is definitaly an Instructable I will be looking forward to see.

    You got another follower here and my sub on youtube.

    Cheers Alex

    1 reply

    The shocker will get its own tutorial, dont worry :)

    Any idea how long it would take you to put together a short tutorial?

    1 reply

    When I have the time I guess.

    Yeah so you understand! I've been documenting my steps to make a ible and I'd be happy to link you in it

    Well I am working on a pair of wrist mounted flame throwers like the K Ton Palm Flamethrower to use with my Skyrim mages costume, but no one explains the ignition system which is what yours is perfect for!

    1 reply

    Yeah, I have made 2 palm flamethrowers also. Tricky stuff.

    Hi! I was wondering when the video on the modified camera stun gun would be out! I'd really like to make this integrated into my Halloween costume! Thanks

    1 reply

    Hey. I will make a video how to do that soon. But is it not too dangerous for Halloween? Whats your plan?

    I like the idea. I feel like I should know this but in your 3rd step you title it a video tutorial but there is no video or link to a video to play. Am I missing something? When I click on the picture I just get the picture in an album format. I would love to watch the video. thanks. looks cool.

    1 reply

    Step 3 IS a video :> no idea whats wrong on your side, works fine for me. Its embedded, and you can watch it on youtube also.

    Thank you sir. More to come soon.