There had to be a way to do simple commands for linux without going to the command line. The neat part to this project is that you can so easily expand it yourself. Need a directory listing. No problem. Need to know how the disk space is doing. No problem. This simple project will probably expand to a whole management system eventually. But in the mean time, here is just the basic structure which you can easily expand on. Also see http://www.instructables.com/id/Web-page-scraping-fromto-a-web-page/

Note: if you are on a terminal that does not have a terminal client, this project is a real lifesaver. This project makes it real easy for me to use a touchpad and check on my servers. No special client software necessary. Also this could be very easily adapted for the Apple Macintosh systems also since it is allegedly bsd based (a cousin of linux). Yes, control your "Mac" from a web page.

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Installed Arch linux on a pogoplug v2 and that is a wee bit different to set up the cgi-bin.

Step 1: What's needed:

Human with a basic understanding of BASH (Bourne again shell).

Computer running Apache or other web server that supports the CGI (Common gateway interface).
  A Lamp (linux, apache, mysql, and php) server would be a good start.

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