Picture of Simple non-lethal crossbow
This is my first instuctable, its on the crossbow, this is only a prototype so it is not lethal but you can change the amount of power by tightening the strings.

What you will need: 17 inch of hard wood, Bendable wood doesn't matter about the length, 19 inch of sting at first I used wire it was okay but now I use paracord, A handle I used a metal rod that fit into the hole in the wood, 6 inch of bendable thin metal, duct tape if you want it, drill if you have one but if not you can find a big screw and hammer it into the hard wood and that will be your handle.
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Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle
This step is pretty simple, if you have a drill find a comfortable and drill a hole to fit, if not find a big screw and hammer it into the hard wood, with mine there was already a hole so I just had to make the rod fit.

Step 2: Main limb (bendable wood)

Picture of Main limb (bendable wood)
First I bent to wood a little and it cracked down the middle which is good as it added more spring into it and it helps attach it to the hard wood, now to attach the main limb to the hard wood put a screw through the bendable wood and into the hard wood and put duct tape over it.

Step 3: String

Picture of String
This is pretty simple, take your string in my case paracord or wire, make dents in the wood to make sure the string stays in place and tie a knot in the string around the wood then repeat on the other side.
minijc1 year ago
how is it non lethal is there a special type of ammo and do you know how to make a sling shot non lethal.
Assassin Tube (author)  minijc1 year ago
It is not powerful enough for it to be lethal, but if you got a better front limb and string then it could have potential, if you want some really safe ammo then just take a stick or something similar and add some foam to the end, if you want lethal ammo then buy some carbon arrows with Broadheads and upgrade the limb and string.