Introduction: Simple Pasta.

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Peaches, peanuts and noodles. Nice way to have a change from tomato sauce. You can also grind up the peaches with the peanuts to make a more traditional type sauce.

Step 1: Ingredients.

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You favorite spices.

Step 2: Noodles.

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Boil the noodles as prescribed by the package. (to al dente).

Step 3: Grind the Peanuts.

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Grind up the peanuts but use water instead of oil. This is for the plate where the peaches are not ground up.

Step 4:

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If you want a more traditional textured sauce, mix the peaches with the peanuts, but no water.

Step 5: Tada!

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Mix the peanut slurry with your pasta.
Now you have your peaches and peanuts two ways. 


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