Introduction: Simple Pea, Bb and Pencil Shooter

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I am sure anyone who is interested in office weapons has seen this design a hundred times already but i thought i would post it anyway, hope everyone likes it:)

Step 1: Materials

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For this instructable you will need a bottle (i'm using a soda bottle), a craft knife or scissors, a balloon and some dried peas or bbs.

Step 2: The Barrel

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Take the bottle and cut it off about 1cm from the top as shown.

Step 3: Step 3

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Cut the end of the balloon off as shown.

Step 4: Another Step

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Fit the balloon over the grooves of the bottle.


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Now pull the balloon through the top of the bottle as shown. To fire, drop a pea or bb into the balloon, pull it back and release.

Step 6: Pencil Ammo

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This is an extra tutorial for the pencil ammo. You will need a pencil(obviously), a nail and some wool or string.

Step 7:

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I really don't think i need to explain this step. Fire it the same way as the bbs. Please use this with caution and do not fire this at humans or animals:)


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