Picture of Simple plastic bag holder
We recycle shopping plastic bags as rubbish bags. You know: this is where you put carrots' peels, oranges' rinds, coffee grains, etc., before throwing everything to the garbage can. Did you notice that plastic bags do not stand up by themselves? That's why I decided to build a bag holder. The first one was made with pipes, but after one year, my wife decided that it was not nice at all and that it fitted only one size of bags. So I built a new wooden one.
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Step 1: Needs

Picture of Needs
I started with sawing 7 pieces of trunnions , 25 cm long:

2 large pieces (2.8 cm)
5 thin pieces (0.9 cm)

Step 2: Drill the holes

Picture of Drill the holes
Then I drilled 3 holes in each large piece, the diameter of the holes being the diameter of the small pieces (0.9 cm in my case). Notice that the middle hole is perpendicular to the end holes. I drilled all through the pieces of trunnion. Be sure to make one and only one middle hole a little bit larger (with a file, for instance), because you will use it when adjusting the holder to the size of a bag.

Step 3: Insert pieces

Picture of Insert pieces
Then insert the 5 thin pieces that way. Use glue if necessary. I did not have to do it, but you might if your drilling is too large. Of course, do not glue the adjustment hole!

Step 4: And voila!

Picture of And voila!
This is what it looks like with a plastic bag on it: Adjust the size of the holder to the bag by sliding the horizontal piece. It was not too hard, was it?

Step 5: Compare

Picture of Compare
You can compare with the old one. The new one is more elegant, isn't it? ...and definitely more versatile .
KwartzKitten7 months ago

I love the idea, but due to a lack of woodworking knowledge I may try the pvc version first and see how that works.

Papydom (author)  KwartzKitten7 months ago
The only part that might seem difficult is drilling through round pieces: they may start rolling if they are not well maintained in place. To avoid this, replace the big round trunnions by square section sticks as I show in the picture.
doo da do3 years ago
Nice idea, the only thing is most of the time they have holes and we have to double, but it works fine. Some times I use the leftover mickdee cups.
naomi14315 years ago
If you're going to make this thing, your design is nice . . . but I do have to throw out there that everything you appear to be throwing into these bags belongs in a reusable compost container. If composted, they'll turn into nutritious soil in your back yard. If sent to the dump, they'll be compacted and not have enough air to decompose efficiently. Just my 2 cents. . . Yey compost!
Papydom (author)  naomi14315 years ago
Hello Naomi!
Sorry I forgot to answer. You are absolutely right: compost is the proper thing to do, ...except I live in an apartment and I just can't do it. But I will when I move to my countryside house when I retire (and it might be rather soon!). Yet I will keep this apartment for the winter season, and I will still use my bag holder.
I absolutely LOVE this! Simple, clean, attractive. Great balance in design style, too! Thanks!
piaferre5 years ago
love it, i'll make one for my room!
starmoon1255 years ago
unbelievable!pithy and elegant!
capricorn5 years ago
You arrive just in time my friend, I just needed this to close the project of my new furniture for my kitchen. Thanks a lot :)
Papydom (author) 5 years ago
Well, I'm very proud you guys found this hacking useful. I sent a message to IKEA, just in case they'd be interested (even for free), but they said they do not have any time to consider private proposals...
RadBear5 years ago
I saw this the day after my wife asked me to build something like this. Saved me a lot of time. I built two. Thanks for the great idea!
photofreak5 years ago
Shoot! I saw this a day late. We leave tomorrow, but will make it as soon as we get home. Perfect for a larger camping tent like we've got. I've seen others, including your pvc pipe one but too big all packed. I'll make a small sock base for both ends, w/strap to contain all 7 pieces in less than 9 cm and poke in any old place with camp stuff. Way to go!
very nice think i might have to make one of these out of scraps i went to my local Asda (Wal mart owns it Juisty diff name) and they were £7 for little ones (roughly $14) so i shall do this
That's great, but where I live these plastic shopping bags are now banned. We put all those veggie scraps in the worm farm anyway...if only there were some worms in it :P
Very nice! just did this one, using hot glue instead, and square bases. looks very nice when spray painted chrome!
sgsidekick5 years ago
I really like the look of this! And if you're worried about the ends of the dowels poking holes, or you just want to make it look a tad different, you can place wooden balls over the tops of the dowels.
Papydom (author)  sgsidekick5 years ago
This is something I gave a thought to, but I figured that the plastic bags might slip down. Well, you don't know till you try...
It looks so professional. Great work! Once I get sick of using a tin can as my scrap bin I might need to upgrade!
ve2vfd5 years ago
Nice! The wooden one honestly looks like something you'd buy at Ikea! You could call it the "Skräp" ;-)
Agreed with rimar2000. Both are very nice. The second wooden one looks more appealing though, and with the adjustable lengths, you could use different bags. Great instructable.
rimar20005 years ago
Both are interesting. Good work.