Simple potato soup from scratch

Picture of Simple potato soup from scratch
So many soup recipes today call for store bought specialties such as broth mixes, or expensive kitchen appliances like food processors. However, only simple household items found in nearly every kitchen around the world can complete this recipe for Potato soup. The recipe shown here serves 2 to 3, and can be made in under an hour. It requires access to simple kitchenware, and a stove. This recipe is perfect for anyone who wants a simple, delicious recipe in a short amount of time.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Picture of Gathering Materials
• 1 Small saucepan / frying pan
• 1 Medium to large pot
• A ½ cup measuring instrument
• 1 straight edged knife (not pictured)
• (optional) 1 potato peeler
• 1 cutting board or similar surface
• 1 stirring implement
• 1 serving implement
• 1 sponge, scrub brush, or other clean abrasive instrument (not pictured)

• ¼ white onion
• 2 russet potatoes
• A ½ cup of flour
• 4 cups of milk (2% recommended)
• 2 tbsp. butter (not pictured)
• 3 tbsp. salt (not pictured)
• Any extra spices or small ingredients of your liking (Such as bacon bits, celery, paprika, rosemary, etc.).

Sky.11 month ago
Sky.1 Sky.11 month ago

Do NOT boil it on low at the end it burns and tastes DISGUSTING

Sky.1 Sky.11 month ago

pretty good otherwise but jeez

Easy and delicious! I used 3 teaspoons salt as suggested and loved the diced celery in it!

ladymegan7 months ago

I love this recipe! It was so simple to make, though I did use less salt and added a little pepper and thyme!

theonlyhrh9 months ago

Nice easy recipe, but very salty. Possibly 3 teaspoons instead of 3 tablespoons?

I agree. Very salty!!! I think it should have been tsp. Not tblsp...had to scratch thr whole pot.
TorreyRedFawn7 months ago
First time ive ever made potato soup and it was amazing !!
mpulliam18 months ago

Wish I took pictures! I make a pretty good Onion Soup that the wife raves about, so I thought it time to see what I could do with a 'tater soup. Not only is this soup great as a base, its perfect for the soul (like soup should be!) Thanks, your recipe will now be part of my family forever as I build and add to it our own family touches!

I loved this recipe! I threw in some bacon and cheddar cheese. It was amazing!

I made it but it I think we prefer more onion and it was not thick enough for our taste...so I used a little coconut flour, help seeds and then made a chia seed gel with white chia seeds. If you don't eat clean this may all be odd to you but I have all this on hand. I also used a can of creme of celery and 2 cans of condensed milk when I tripled the recipe..and bacon crumbles!

sounds good. But now you have made an entirely different recipe.

Yeah, but this recipe sounds like it's a great base- and people can just take it from there and doctor it up as they wish. :) I think if that's how she prefers it- at least she had a great place to start! :)

VivalaletaG10 months ago

I really appreciate this basic recipe. We are broke right now and I can't afford the ham, chives, cheddar cheese, etc. the fancy recipes want but I knopw I can pull together something like this.

PippoS211 months ago

Thank you so much!

Perhaps you meant 3 tsp salt and not 3 tbsp?
Jennine0041 year ago
This was the BEST potato soup recipe! Thank you soooo much!
Med it for my mom and dad. Double the recipe and turned out really good. This proves 13 year old can cook (BSA helps to hehehe).
bowow08074 years ago
just made some and its great i added some bacon bits and it really in my opinion needed salt and i added some and it turned out great! thanks for the recipe!
lewisden4 years ago
Looks good and not that hard to make.
rachelmaryb4 years ago
Looks delicious! Might try it!