Step 3: Sink some more screws

Picture of Sink some more screws
At the corners of every grid add another screw, and another , and another, you get the point. This part of the build was really boring until my piece of worthless junk cordless died, I think the battery is shot. Well time to pull out the old standby, my old brace. This 60 year old brace never lets me down. It works great every time I use it and I have yet to need to replace the batteries. Needless to say the brace saved the day, whoa that rhymed.
quadracer3 years ago
I have a old gear driven drill / driver in this fashion. Everyone makes fun of it, but it works everytime, All the time.
heelercjwww (author)  quadracer3 years ago
Honestly i think that my old brace is just as fast as a cordless if you include charge time and cussing because the batteries are dead. I think the big tool companies, who want us to buy their tools, overlook these wonderful devices because they cant sell more stuff with them. Thanks for looking at my instructable.