Simple Repairs for Your Laptop With Sugru





Introduction: Simple Repairs for Your Laptop With Sugru

My laptop has been falling apart ever since my dell warranty ended so I thought it was finally time to fix it up.

In this instructable I'll show you how to add lil rubber feet and add strength to a laptop power cord hats falling apart.

As always I made this for a contest since sugru was nice enough to send this stuff out to me (THANK YOU) also if your viewing this from the gorillia glue prodject, read the rules befor you yell at me and same thing for the office contest.

Step 1: What You'll Need

#1 you'll need a small hack pack of sugru (any colo)

#2 something flat to help shape the sugru

#3 a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to clean the surface before you attach the sugru

and most of all you'll need a laptop with either a cord falling apart or one missing the rubber feet

Step 2: The Missing Rubber Feet Prep Work

Every ones had this issue at one time or another and its very easy to fix.

The main area's you can do this to, the bottom rubber feet, the top rubber around the screen bezel and also on the batter (if yours has rubber feet like mine).

Dip your q-tip in rubbing alcohol and try to scrub off any residue that may be left from the old rubber foot, now wipe it off with a paper towel and make sure its clean.

Step 3: The Missing Rubber Feet Finish

Now get your desired amount of sugru and slowly build up till you have what you need and apply it to your laptop. Now start to shape the sugru so its at the right height shape and it looks good. Put the laptop on its back and let it sit over night to let the sugru dry and cure, when you wake up the next morning give it a test drive.

Step 4: The Falling Apart Power Cord Prep Work

my power cord was separating right where the blue light met the rest of the cord (the dell power cords do this allot.)

now just like step #2 you need to dip your q-tip in rubbing alcohol and just clean off the surface, wipe it off with a paper towel and make sure its dry.

Step 5: The Falling Apart Power Cord Finish

now get your desired amount of sugru and wrap the trouble area till you are satisfied. now start to shape the sugru so its at the right height shape and it looks good (unlike mine) let it sit over night to let the sugru dry and cure, then make sure the cord has held up and ever things how it should be.


Hopefully this Instructable has helped you hack your laptop better with Sugru.

If you find any other hacks / repairs let me know so i can add them to this Instructable.

please comment rate and vote, have a nice day.



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    thank you, i still need to buy a few packs more since other rubber feet fell off

    You're right about ThinkGeek, they ROCK. But I think the Dell Stodio platform is a flop. Mine's constantly over heating and freezing, the left hinge Is on it's last leg, and half of my USB ports don't work. But with X-mas comming I hope to get a new computer. And I think I'll follow your Idea for the pads, well done.

    in all with dell i had about 7 replacements, about 5 of em were studio 17s and about all of them had multible hing issues where the entire hinge and screen fell apart, many cord issues,and with each screen issue the power button stops working.

    but with this one the hinge feels weak but its ok, the cord you see is broke, but with the power button you must have it open at just the right angle for it to turn on or off.... yup and this freezes alot but its a windows7 64 bit issue

    nice ible and very nice laptop. i have a dell studio as well and i love it.

    when i first got my laptop it was an insperon i think then it kept dieing / failing until i got like 5 diff system replacement and got this one i still have a spare battery for the old studio since it wont work in this one.

    also thanks for the comment i have yet to get any nice comments on my instructables, so far i got one saying how lame it was that my other sugru contest submission was in the gorilla glue contest and some one else asked it another one i made was real lol

    thnx man good luck with the instructables

    thanks man, check out my other instructables i have about 1 more in the works for the Halloween contest and then like 2 or 3 others i got floating around in my head