In this instructable i will show how to make reusable fuse.

Step 1: Tools

Bad fuse
Drill bit

Step 2: Prepare Fuse

First you need to drill holes in fuse ends.

Step 3: Making Reusable Fuse

Strip wire.

Step 4:

Remove one thin wire from thick wire. If you put thicker wire then you will get higher amperage fuse.

Step 5:

Put that thin wire in fuse throught holes.

Step 6: You're Done.

Wrap ends of thin wire around fuse metal ends and you are ready to use it. With this wire from thick wire i get about 4A fuse.
How can we figure out what size wire we need for the required amperage?
<p>By testing. Using power supply with adjustable current. You can measure wire thickness with micrometer very accurately.</p>
<p>You can actually heat up caps and remove them <br>Then just put wire inside and put caps back on<br>Good idea would be to test wire first to see at what amperage does it burn out or buy replacing wires for fuses</p>
<p>Interesting idea. Have you tested this, and does it work?</p>
Yes i tested it and they work perfectly. Now i use only my reusable fuses for my power supply.
Yes i tested it and now i use only reusable fuses for my power supply because they are so cheap.

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