Introduction: Simple Reusable Fuse

In this instructable i will show how to make reusable fuse.

Step 1: Tools

Bad fuse
Drill bit

Step 2: Prepare Fuse

First you need to drill holes in fuse ends.

Step 3: Making Reusable Fuse

Strip wire.

Step 4:

Remove one thin wire from thick wire. If you put thicker wire then you will get higher amperage fuse.

Step 5:

Put that thin wire in fuse throught holes.

Step 6: You're Done.

Wrap ends of thin wire around fuse metal ends and you are ready to use it. With this wire from thick wire i get about 4A fuse.


Gadget93 made it!(author)2017-06-04

How can we figure out what size wire we need for the required amperage?

Testas.T made it!(author)2017-06-06

By testing. Using power supply with adjustable current. You can measure wire thickness with micrometer very accurately.

tutdude98 made it!(author)2016-04-03

You can actually heat up caps and remove them
Then just put wire inside and put caps back on
Good idea would be to test wire first to see at what amperage does it burn out or buy replacing wires for fuses

seamster made it!(author)2015-05-11

Interesting idea. Have you tested this, and does it work?

Testas.T made it!(author)2015-05-11

Yes i tested it and they work perfectly. Now i use only my reusable fuses for my power supply.

Testas.T made it!(author)2015-05-11

Yes i tested it and now i use only reusable fuses for my power supply because they are so cheap.

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